Disaster Preparedness: Fire Safety, Search and Rescue

Disaster Preparedness Seminar and Fire and Earthquake Drills were attended by PHCMPC employees on August 21, 2015 at PHCMPC Hospital. FO3 Mark Verdeflor of Bureau of Fire Protection, Kalibo lectured on “Fire Safety, Search and Rescue”. This was followed by fire evacuation drills around the hospital. Mr. Terence June Toriano, Kalibo Municipal Civil Defense Officer, and his team taught Pre-Hospital Search and Rescue for Disasters with a series of lectures and rescue drills. Follows are the stills from the event:


Instructional demonstration of how to use a fire hose.



Instructional demonstration of how to use a fire extinguisher: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep (PASS)



Terence June Toriano, Municipal Civil Defense Officer and his team demonstrated pre-hospital rescue.



PHCMPC employees with Kalibo Search and Rescue Team.