DOH Inspection Team

DOH Visit

HFSRB-DOH Team poses with PHCMPC Management and Medical Staff: left to right – Dr. Ezekiel Villanueva, Director Jemina C. Trinidad,  Ms. Marieta T. Go (DOH),  Mr. Alfonso Favis (DOH), Ms. Kathleen Grace Lentija (DOH), Mrs. Florita Ganzon (Chief Nurse), Dr. Raymond Majini (DOH), Dr. Gilda Villanueva (General Manager & Medical Director), Dr. Edmar B. Balleras (Chairman, Board of Director), Dr. Ramona S. Magayanes (Human Resource Officer), Dr. Pauline M. Salvador (BOD), Dr. Iryl Faith Bayubay (Department Head, OB-GYN), Dr. Mary Grace Villaruel (BOD), Dr. Amihan C. Laserna (BOD & Department Head, Anesthesia), Ms. Emehilda Peralta (Finance and Administrative Officer). At the back: Mr Alex Zubiaga (Administrative Officer for Hospital)

A team from the Health Facilities & Services Regulatory Bureau of the Department of Health (HFSRB-DOH), Manila Office conducted an inspection of the Panay Health Care MPC Hospital on August 26, 2015 for the renewal of license to operate a hospital.   Dr. Raymond Majini, Mr. Alfonso Favis, Ms. Marieta T. Go and Ms Kathleen Grace Lentija were the members of the said team. After the inspection, they congratulated Panay Health Care MPC Hospital (PHCMPC) management and staff.