PHCMPC Celebrates its First Anniversary

With great pride and gratitude, PHCMPC Hospital marked its first year anniversary of hospital operations last October 16, 2014.

The festivities kicked off with a Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Josel Quan. This was followed by a motorcade which passed through the towns of Banga, Kalibo, Numancia, and Makato.

When the motorcade returned to the hospital, everyone had their fill of the scrumptious lunch. Then, everybody braced themselves for a short but thoroughly entertaining program highlighted by a surprising showcase of talents. The participants were pleasantly surprised when prizes were awarded to the different groups, even the intermission numbers had prizes! The activities culminated with a mixed inter-department volleyball competition that everybody saw as a welcome break from their usual hospital duties.

The phenomenal success of the first year anniversary of operations is attributed to the strong cooperative effort between the management, staff, cooperative members and other stakeholders, ensuring future successive anniversary celebrations as the cooperative endures the test of time.


Motorcade ran from Kalibo to Banga to Makato


The hospital ambulance proudly a part of the motorcade.


Dr. Edmar Balleras, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivering his message to the employees and stakeholders of PHCMPC.


Chief Nurse of PHCMPC Hospital, Florita Ganzon


The distinguished panel of judges for the employees’ talent show


Hospital employees’ abundant talents are evident in this intermission number.


Contestants from the Administration Department showing off their moves


The OR/ DR/ NICU nurses/ staff refuse to be outdone! Here, they strut their stuff!


Hospital employees enjoy this friendly volleyball competition


PHCMPC employees take a breather from their hospital duties in the volleyball games!!